I bring management experience, strategic leadership, branding sense, editorial direction, creative craft, and technical fluency to realizing world class digital media. Fifteen years conceiving and executing communications innovation for media majors, creative agencies, Fortune 100 companies, and the US government.

Experience: Breadth and depth

Breadth and Depth


9/07 - NOW   DISRUPTIVE DIGITAL, Washington, DC & NY

Client PBS/ADOBE: Leading joint PBS/ADOBE social media project aimed at empowering students to produce their own oral history documentaries using Adobe Air web services production tools and PBS content.

Client PBS: Online marketing and social media strategy for promoting major television series. Strategy, creative, and technical study on how to leverage 1000 hours of interviews to create remunerative search application.

CLIENT IXI: Researched feasibility and business case for creating a finance-focused vertical advertising network leveraging proprietary demographic data.

8/04 - 7/07  

EUROPEAN MEDIA HUB, US Department of State, Brussels

E-MEDIA EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Invented new ways of delivering US public diplomacy messaging throughout Europe. Strategized and executed broadcast and online communication initiatives. Considerable presentation to the press, senior executives, and Members of Congress. Superior Performance Award for “exceptional initiative, innovation, and productivity.”
  • Designed and ran convergent media studio enabling pan-European e-diplomacy initiatives. Built and managed cross-matrixed team of architects, broadcast engineers, designers, journalists, and diplomats.
  • Created cutting-edge video production capability enabling BBC-quality production at 20% of cost. Wrote, directed, and produced award-winning work, including flagship branding and identity exposé, The Mission of the Mission >> , used to showcase State worldwide.
  • Led communications strategy and grew a press network across twenty countries to deliver on-air and online moving image news releases and live feeds.  Pioneered key projects with Eurovision, Reuters, and BBC World.
  • Account representative to numerous government agencies (State, The Supreme Court, the CIA, Congress, and the Senate), think tanks (Brookings, EPC), and corporations (DuPont, Morgan Stanley, Monsanto). Designed media training program for Ambassadors and senior-most diplomats.
  • Produced large-scale conferences and exhibits (climate change, intellectual property protection, biotech regulation, digital rights management), leveraging digital communications.
  • Raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and sponsorships, tripling department budget.

1/04 - 7/04  


BRAND & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT: Led brand management and business case for CNN-D, a pan-European i-TV digital documentary channel. Creative conceptualization, brand strategy, operations plan, and application of state of the art analytics for decision and risk analysis to study e-commerce focused revenue models.

2002 - 2003


HEAD OF CONVERGENT MEDIA: Conceived and executed integrated brand strategies for top ten global agency. Focused on moving image projects across multiple platforms (television, i-TV, mobile). Led staff of strategists, videographers, designers, and software engineers.
  • Established in-flight interactive practice. Secured British Airways in-flight account.
  • Led identity, on-air look, and interaction design for major European cable i-TV service.
  • Led Discovery Networks multi-platform promotion strategy study.
  • Led brand audit and repositioning for Royal London Asset Management.

1998 - 2002


EDITORIAL & CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Launch team member and brand steward of BBC America, a BBC-Discovery joint-venture. Strategized, launched, managed, and editorially led numerous on-air campaigns and all new media initiatives. BBC America was the fastest growing cable channel in the US during this period.
  • Produced integrated marketing communications. Managed on-air, print, on-line, and mobile campaigns. Won Promax golds and several BDA awards.
  • Established BBC, managing ten marketing, creative, and software engineering staff as well as numerous contractors. Scaled site to 3 million impressions per month. AdWeek Award for Best Broadcast Site.
  • Pioneered years of e-marketing initiatives including award-winning viral campaigns, search optimization, content syndication, community development (Brit-Beat for launching British rock stars in US), widgets, and email marketing.
  • Wrote and directed cross-platform (web and TV) animated television series, Reg and Regina, critically acclaimed as “What to Watch TV” in Entertainment Weekly.
  • Developed partnerships yielding several initiatives (e.g. AOL (i-TV), Liberty of London (e-commerce), Virgin Music (integrated promotion), and BBC News (syndication).
  • In charge of market research for all online initiatives. Four years of web analytics.

1997 - 1998  

R/GA, New York

WRITER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR: AdWeek ranks R/GA the #1 US interactive agency. Executed work for clients winning such design awards as Milia Gold, Invision Gold, and ID Magazine Gold.
  • Led PBS project to develop i-TV television episodes in association with Ken Burns. Work showcased at Guggenheim.
  • Led Intel project to imagineer processor intensive entertainment applications.
  • Brand redesign and online communications strategy for Bank of America and Startec (a telecommunications client).

1995 - 1997  

TELE-TV / CAA, Los Angeles

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR / BRAND MANAGER: Verizon, Nynex, and Pactel established Tele-TV, a US $500 million joint-venture to develop an interactive television network. I reported to Sandy Grushow, President of Fox, to create branding and identity for the venture and to deliver the company’s flagship broadband service. A key goal was to bring highest-end tele-visual production values to one of the most sophisticated i-TV platforms of its day.
  • Assembled and led cross-matrixed core team of 20 marketing, creative, and technical staff to invent new media. Managed all associated contractors and creative agencies to lead an overall team of 70.
  • Managed numerous creative agencies including broadcast, interactive, and industrial design leaders.
  • Product-developed flagship broadband service through design, prototyping, user-testing, programming (in C++ and Oracle), q.c., documentation, and launch. Awarded several patents.
  • Produced branding and identity, overseeing a multimillion-dollar marketing communications budget. Awarded several design awards for bringing highest end broadcast design values to interactive media.
  • Executive produced all packaging and promotion winning 12 BDA awards.

1993 - 1995  


HEAD OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Oversaw the visual design and launch of Verizon’s flagship broadband video on demand service, Stargazer, which Wired magazine described as the best VOD service of its time.
  • Assembled and led product team of ten and over a dozen contractors to invent new forms of digital media.
  • Created and launched six major releases of VOD service, based on robust prototyping and market research.
  • Co-negotiated multi-million dollar contract to develop an Italian version of Stargazer for main Italian telecom.

1992 - 1993  


SCRIPTWRITER / PRODUCER: Scripted and produced award-winning multimedia exhibits.

1989 - 1992  


WRITER / STORY EDITOR: Wrote movie trailer scripts and ad copy for MGM, Universal, Fox, and United Artist. Optioned scripts.



2002 - 2004   EXECUTIVE MBA, LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, Distinction (top 5%), London
  • Focus on innovation and product development. Case study writer.
  • LBS consulting for Electronic Arts (change management), investment banking firm (communications plan), and Channel 4 UK (valuation).
1989 - 1992   MFA CINEMA, U. OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Summa Cum Laude, LA
  • Awarded best thesis script.
  • Full teaching fellowship in honors program.
1981 - 1985
  BA, ECONOMICS/IR, USC, Summa Cum Laude, Rhodes Finalist.


French (fluent), Spanish, and Malay (proficient). 19 years in Europe and South East Asia.
Winner of over twenty major production and design awards including Invision, Cine Golden Eagle, Milia, Promax, and BDA Golds. Work featured in Wired, Communication Arts, ID Magazine, and Graphis.
Final Cut Pro Instructor Certified. After Effects Intermediate. Supervised extensive work on Inferno, Henry, and 3-D effects platforms. Strong broadcast engineering foundation.
Fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator. Strong in Dreamweaver, In Design and Flash. Certification in digital arts from the Corcoran School of Art.
Fluent in MS Project, and Excel (VBA scripting for statistical analysis). Fluent in @Risk and other decision science/risk management tools. Strong foundation in SPSS and SAP for analyzing marketing data.
Supervised software development in most leading web development languages. Strong in PHP, RUBY, JSP and relational database design (MySQL).
Avid scuba diver, photographer, piano player, art & music historian, and improv theater performer.



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